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"I undercut the salon prices by as much as 50% with better quality hair and longer lasting extensions with only grade 5A premium hair for all my clients."



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Offer!! Premium Remi Hair Extensions

Professionally trained by Habia. Premium Hair extensions can dramatically improve your look.  Lengths from 16" to 22".  Make yourself look like a star!   Prices for Hair Extensions vary but start from £180.00 for a half head of extensions.

Premium Hair Extensions in Plymouth

Rhalpunzel Hair can provide a first rate Premium Hair Extension service in Plymouth for less than leading salon prices.


Rhalpunzel Hair only use Top Grade Premium Sirens Hair Extensions.  We have sourced the best products over the years to maintain a very high standard in all our premium hair extensions.  The Remi European Grade AAAAA is salon standard.  The only difference between these hair extensions and salons, is the price!

We provide various methods of extensions


We provide Remi European Grade AAAAA Double Drawn cuticle hair.  This hair is the highest quality Double Drawn european hair and is hand picked to insure the hair cuticle is the correct way and minimal processing.  I recommend this hair for Mini tip or Micro Ring Extensions. 

For Micro Rings (this is now the most popular method, no glue no shedding and last so much longer than other extensions) The hair is machine bonded, then i can use the micro ring to clamp onto your hair.  After 2.5 months or so this hair can be used again by taking out the old micro ring then replacing with the new one and moving the bond back up again.  You can use this hair again and again as long as its been well maintained it will stay soft in your hair.  This can last over a year!

We now stock mini tip Extensions.  The ring is the smallest size in micro ring so more descrete.  The hair will last just as long as the standard Micro Ring method.  The tip is smaller.

We also use the weft hair if you want hair extensions quickly.  This method does not take long to fit (around 1 hour).  I use the micro beads to attach with your own hair along the weft in lines.  This kind of weft extensions last aroun 6 weeks plus before it needs to be refitted.  The hair can be used again however if its in good condition so this method can be an affordable way to have long lovely extensions with no weft glue stuck to your scalp.  


It normally takes around 2 hours for a full set of mini tip or micro ringed extensions.  Much quicker than some salons who can take 4 hours plus.