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South West Hair Extensions (Plymouth to Exeter and in between).



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"I undercut the salon prices by as much as 50% with better quality hair and longer lasting extensions with only grade 5A premium hair for all my clients."



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Offer!! Premium Remi Hair Extensions

Professionally trained by Habia. Premium Hair extensions can dramatically improve your look.  Lengths from 16" to 22".  Make yourself look like a star!   Prices for Hair Extensions vary but start from £180.00 for a half head of extensions.

Rhalpunzel Hair Extension Pricelist


Grade 5A Remi European Micro Ring, Nano and Wefts Extensions:


16" Half head of extensions (90 bonds)  £170.00

16" Full head of extensions (150 bonds)  £240.00


20" Half head of extensions (90 bonds)  £180.00 

  20" Full head of extensions (150 bonds) £260.00


maintenance (moving all rings back up after 2.5 months) from £40